Thursday, October 6, 2011

More on deploying apps in Stratos Live

September has been an amazing month for WSO2. We had the WSO2Con 2011 and it was a smashing success with amazing keynotes, tech talks and really cool networking events. We received wonderful feedback and folks are already looking forward to WSO2Con 2012 :) ! So if you missed the conference this time make sure to be there next year, because it's just going to be one amazing conference, guaranteed!

I was hoping to write some more about deploying applications in Stratos Live as a follow up to my last blog post. What I did there was just show you how to deploy a really simple web app. There's so much more that you can do with all the services offered in Stratos Live. I came across a slide deck shared by Chintana Wilamuna at WSO2 that explains how to create a cool web application in Stratos Live with the use of the Application Server, Data Services Server and Carbon Studio.

The slide share contains steps to use the Relational Storage Service in the Data Services Server as a Service to create a database that can be hosted in the cloud. You'll be able to follow easy steps on how to create users and groups and set permissions for them. Next up, you'll learn how to create tables and perform database operations via data services. You'll learn how to create data services in the Data Services Server and how to invoke them via a web application that will be hosted in the Application Server in Stratos. He has used Carbon Studio to create the web application.

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