Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WSO2Con 2011 - A Week for the Tech Savvy

It's going to be an amazing week for SOA folks and all techies in general. WSO2Con is a week of tutorials, tech talks by industry experts and networking events. Learn how global enterprises, SaaS providers and innovative startups are using WSO2 platforms to build distributed web apps, java services, bpel flows, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and more.

You'll find out what customers have to say about the WSO2 products and how they are used to build their enterprise software in financial services, government, telecom and other industries. You can learn the best practices for enterprise architecture initiatives, how to manage SOA projects and get comprehensive knowledge on a range of middleware technologies that WSO2 has to offer. Lot's to learn from 6 Keynote speakers around the world, a panel of 30 speakers and numerous tutorial sessions in 5 days.  Don't miss out! Check out our speaker panel  and agendaTo register and for more information go to http://wso2.com/events/wso2con-2011-colombo/

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