Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Neighbourhood in all Its Morning Glory!

I was able to wake up early enough to take a walk around my neighbourhood last Thursday. I had no idea it was so beautiful in the mornings =) . 

Location: Akuregoda, Pelawatte (in the suburbs of Colombo).

The paddy fields.

The road between the fields.

Certainly not a bridge over troubled waters. The stream has run dry but the 'edanda' helps you cross over.

An offering to the spirits.

Beautiful smiles.

Dark clouds approaching...

Coconut leaves awaiting the rain.

Gloomy..but not for long.

The beautiful day is back. 

Oh yeah. There's the sun!

Curious to see if the spirits have taken anything.. =)

Not by choice, standing all alone.

Two generations.

The lamp still burns.

Happy faces =)

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